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Succeeding with clients on the Austistic Spectrum. #Asperger’s


5th March 2018.  New College Park Lane Pontefract WF8 4QR

9.30am coffee for a 10am start

HDRtist HDR Rendering –

This course is designed for counsellors with pre-existing experience of working with clients on the autistic spectrum.

It will teach you new ways of incorporating mindful, solution-focused, hypnotherapeutic and practical approaches into your existing skillset.

If you have found that your existing modality falls short when dealing with this client base then this course will give you a protocol, a set of practical strategies and new sense of confidence.

Cost: £100

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Succeeding with clients on the Austistic Spectrum. #Asperger’s

4th December 2017. The University Women’s Club, 2 Audley Square, Mayfair, London W1K 1DB

8.30 for a 9am start. Day ends at 4pm.

Cost: £130

If I had a pound for every therapist who has called for advice regarding an asperger’s client then I’d be, well, I’d be about £80 better off. Asperger’s is a condition which seems to strike fear into the most hardened of therapists.

It needn’t be like that. Armed with a little knowledge your chances of helping your client to success could be greatly increased. Whether you’re a hypnotherapist, a counsellor or some other form of psychotherapist, this course will help you to work more successfully with what I find to be a truly lovely group of people.

The course will teach you:

a) The diagnostic criteria and characteristics of AS spectrum conditions and how to spot possibly autistic traits in clients who may not have been diagnosed, yet.

b) How living with asperger’s presents challenges on a social, professional, romantic and personal level and how to work with these.

c) What not to do! How traditional therapeutic approaches, assumptions and frameworks may have to be adjusted to the needs and characteristics of an asperger’s client.

d) Practical techniques and approaches which your clients are crying out for and of which counsellors aren’t always aware.

e) A solution-focused, practical approach which can nonetheless be integrated within just about any therapeutic philosophy.

Fun, interactive, practical and informative. This course will leave you feeling better able to work with a most charming clientele. I absolutely adore working with my ASD clients and once you know how, you will too!

This course takes place in one of the most sumptuous venues available within Central London. Tea and coffee are provided and the local area is festooned with eateries for the purposes of lunch.

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