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Hello and welcome. Are you a hypnotherapist looking for CPD which is inspirational, educational and good fun too? If so, look no further!

I know that CPD is expensive and takes up valuable time. I also know that too much is dull, teaches grandmothers to suck eggs and is often poorly delivered. Everybody wants to sell CPD these days. How can you tell which is worthwhile and which is best avoided?

Well. How about you begin by choosing to buy into CPD which is delivered by somebody who is well qualified?

What if you could choose to be trained by a person experienced in his field and who actually know a good deal about the topics in question?

What if that person had also spent years in teaching, getting excellent results and being renowned for delivering lessons which were fun and engaging?

Here I am!

I’m Paul Hughes, a UKCP registered hypnotherapist / psychotherapist. I have a thriving full-time practice in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and London.

I’m a presenter, an established trainer and got so fed up of attending dry and dull CPD courses that I decided to launch his own training company.

I only offer training on topics I’m intimately acquainted with as practising hypnotherapist and know just how to inform, motivate and educate.

Have a read, below, to see what others have said:


‘Wonderful energy. Perfect for the after-lunch slot.’ Anonymous presentation feedback

’10/10. Truly outstanding’ Anonymous presentation feedback

‘Paul has a natural talent for easing students into a feeling of security, in which ideas, discussions and personal interactions are encouraged. He balances humour, intelligence and story-telling to paint a broad picture from which students draw their own conclusions; this brings the very best from those willing to contribute and earn their own success. Humble and affable, Paul deals respect and empathy in equal measures. Simply speaking, he’s a fabulous teacher, mentor, therapist, person.’ Sarah, former student

‘His style is so unusual I’m not sure it fits within the scale’ Anonymous presentation feedback

‘Paul is the kind of person you have to and want to listen to. His methods are impressive and intelligent which engages the senses and promotes the desire to learn. Paul shares rich worlds of metaphorical exploration and crystal clear analysis to theoretical understanding. This all has impact on how we make sense of the worlds we move through and how we can become the best we can be’ Nat, former student

’10/10 for style, 10/10 for content. Unforgettable’ Anonymous presentation feedback

‘Paul put me at ease. His style of teaching is very patient and encouraging. He is approachable, allowing time to explain things and answer questions. He is an exceptional tutor who goes the extra mile to assist students and I looked forward to attending his lectures. This is the best course I ever attended in my career and this is down to Paul instilling a ‘can do’ attitude in his students. ‘ Vicky, former student

‘Fun, interesting. First class!’ Anonymous presentation feedback

‘ I was very nervous on my first day and questioned myself about passing the practical observations… I am so glad I stuck with the course… Paul is absolutely fantastic in not only delivering the contents of the course but in also making you feel at ease. He is supportive, caring, and makes the course fun. You will be left wanting to learn more. I am not a big fan of being observed in practicals and couldn’t believe I wasn’t relying on a script by the 3rd weekend. Every month I looked forward to my weekend course and always left it feeling positive, fired up and confident. Hoping to attend one of Paul’s courses soon. Thank you Paul.’ Mayura, former student

‘The best CPD I’ve been on’ – attendee at a recent CPD day.




 High Quality CPD in pleasant surroundings for a reasonable price

Hypno CPD courses are planned and delivered with all the precision and attention to detail of a teacher consistently rated good to outstanding.

Hypno CPD courses are fully resourced, meaning that you take home all the resources and information you need to put your learning into practice.

Hypno CPD courses are fun, rigorous and interactive. You won’t be simply sat there, listening to us read from powerpoint slides in some flat, monotonous voice.

Hypno CPD courses won’t be showing you how to ‘cure’ somebody in a ten minute session. No ‘wonder cures’ are taught here. We train people in good, solid methods with which you and your client can move forwards to success.

Hypno CPD isn’t led by some self-proclaimed guru. I haven’t discovered the panacea to cure all ills. I’m not flashy salesman promising to transform your life. There’s no ‘miracle protocol’ and no magic wand. This is simply high quality CPD.

Hypno CPD courses take place in pleasant surroundings

Hypno CPD courses are reasonably priced and can be paid for in installments.

Hypnotherapy is a profession and deserves to be owned by professionals

Our courses are designed for those therapists in training and also for those who have completed their course and who are in practice. I won’t be talking over the heads of those who have recently begun their training and neither will I be talking down to practising professionals. After all, high quality teachers are experts in teaching to a range of levels and abilities. Everybody attending my courses will leave feeling satisfied that their money and time have been well spent.





About your trainer

Paul Hughes

Hi. You already know my name. I’m Paul Hughes and I’m a hypnotherapist / psychotherapist working in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and London.

You can read more about my hypnotherapy practice by visiting my site: www.resolvedhypnotherapy.co.uk

I’m married to Emma, who’s a nurse. We have two daughters – Alice and Amelia. Alice has asperger’s syndrome, which is how I became interested in working with clients on the autistic spectrum.

We live in Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

I left Cambridge University in 1993 with a good degree in History. I bumbled around for a while before settling on teaching as a career. What a terrible choice that was! I loved students, they were the easy bit. I was a good teacher. I even became a senior leader, but I really hated the public sector.

Thanks to family history I was blessed with a range of neuroses and in my thirties I took them into therapy. I never believed in it. Therapy was for the weak, after all! I was too strong for such things…

Counselling was awesome. Hypnotherapy was awesome. I eventually decided that I could do those things too and so began training with the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. I qualified with distinctions, winning two national awards along the way, and began my practice in 2011.

My practice went from strength to strength. I was able to leave teaching and replaced a handsome salary with therapy income.

The NCHP then asked me to train students for them and so I became the course tutor for Oxford. Training students in hypnotherapy was an awesome experience. I was using my hypnotherapy/psychotherapy skills AND my teacher training to great effect. I love what I do and I adored teaching it to others.

So, now,  here I am with my own training company, doing things the way I want to do them, the way which works and I look forward to meeting you and teaching you how to get better results with your clients.






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I’m always happy to answer any questions about the continuing professional development on offer through Hypno CPD. Here’s how you can find out more.

I’m absolutely aware that buying into CPD is a big decision. You need to be sure that it meets your needs and that it isn’t just another dull weekend in some drab hotel conference room. So, get in touch and ask me whatever you need to know.

You could call me. I’m most easily reachable on 07786 123736 / 01865 600970

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